5 Things To Enjoy at Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis


Hello, everyone! I know it’s a lil bit late, but.. Happy new yearrr! Woohoo! ūüėõ

It’s 2017 already, huh? Time does fly so fast. I didn’t even realise that I had not update this blog since april 2016. And of course, when I got to review my 2016, I remembered nothing. So here I am, promising myself to start blogging again. *finger crossed*

Anyway, how’s your holiday?¬†Mine was¬†fun and refreshing! My kids and I went to Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Golf & Resort couple weeks ago. Well, it’s actually my firstborn’s¬†request. She loveees staying in the hotel¬†every time¬†holiday come. So I was like… hmm ok staycation sounds like a good idea because i still can work at night. Yeah, you read it right. Working on holiday, that’s sooo me. And yes, I did work at night there.

The hotel’s pretty. The view’s beautiful. And the facilities were incredibly satisfying. Here are 5 things you can enjoy there.

1. Swimming Pool

Royal Tulip has 3 swimming pool. Didn’t wanna waste the chance, my kids managed to swim two times while we stay there. Even the rain didn’t stop them. Have I told you that they are like fish!¬†Always happy when seeing water. Me? Not so much. I cannot swim, ladies and gentlemen. So if one day you see me in the middle of (a deep) pool, please, HELP!

2. Kids club

There’s a kids club in one corner of this hotel. Your kid can play with the slide, lego, and many more. It’s also very very clean. But you gotta be careful because one of the slide is, in my opinion, too steep and seems dangerous.

3. Zen roof

I think zen roof it the hottest spot at Royal Tulip. I believe everyone take pictures there (or it’s just me?). The view is breathtaking. I can picture myself standing there for an hour to get my mind clear and relax. No wonder they use this place for doing yoga every weekend.

4. Fire Grill & Bar

I tried this restaurant for dinner. They serve pizza and steak. I ordered Margaritha Pizza (85k) and Quarto Formaggi (110k). All are delicious. My favotire was the quarto formaggi, the cheese was very thick as expected. Super yummy!

5. Outbond for kids

Can’t talk too much about this facility since my kids didnt try it. The flying fox looked so fun, but my firstborn always said that she’s scared of height. Oh, and¬†I really really really want to try to do wall climbing there. Too bad it’s for kids. Wait, I do look like a kid right? I should have tried it! *plak*

Honestly IMO Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis is a lil bit pricey. But the facilities are seriously worth the price. So if you just wanna stay at the hotel to¬†enjoy and explore every single thing the hotel has, Royal Tulip is definitely a good idea. But if you just need “a place to sleep” or you just want to stay at the room, well I guess you can find much much muuuch cheaper hotel with a room as good as Royal Tulip’s.

After all my kids were so happy staying there. I felt relax and refresh when I got home. Holiday well spent my dear!


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