Writing Journey

In term of writing, 2016 wasn’t really a good year for me. I was sooo unproductive. At first, I wanted to “blame” my business’ for keeping me busy doing this and that, but.. no.. after all, it was just me who didn’t make time for writing.

In 2016, I only published 1 book, Unexpected Love. Unexpected Love was launched at Jogjakarta, my favorite city! I got a chance to met my reader and had a lil chit chat with them. It was fun and memorable!

In february 2016, 1 of my books, 365 ideas of happiness, was listed in top 10 recommended book at 1 of major bookstore chain in Indonesia. Was never expecting it before. Zuper proud!

But still, in term of writing process, it was bad bad bad. I didn’t even update my blog for more than a half year. And of course, launching a new book was only in my imagination. Gosh, I thought I should stop calling myself a writer.

Then something happened..

In the end of 2016, Hipwee.com emailed me and asked me to be there exclusive contributor. I was like… hmm.. writing again? The suddenly I was not only excited, I felt it was like a trueeee reminder for me to write again. It’s a call!

So this year I make a promise to myself that I will write again. *Finger crossed*

January wasn’t bad at all. I updated my blog, I keep writing for hipwee, I also started to write for rockingmama. But the mosttt exciting one is I finished the first editing process for my upcoming book. Woohooooo!

Now I can’t wait for February! Hope it’s gonna be a productive month!

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