I’m a passionate woman with too many interest. But for now, I decided to focus on writing books and also running my own business.

Being a bookworm since forever made me wanted to write my own book. My first book was published on 2012, titled Art of Hijab. The second one, Dear Friend With Love, was also released on the same year. In the end of 2013, my third book, The Marriage Roller Coaster, was available on market, followed by Yummy Tummy Marriage, my forth book, couple months after that. On december 2015, my fifth book was out, 365 Ideas of Happiness. On January 2016, I  started my year by launching my latest book, Unexpected Love.

In my daily life, I’m investing my time on my own hijab fashion business, Baby Ashya. Baby Ashya was established on 2012, aimed to provide high quality hijab for modern muslimah. Baby Ashya was started online, but now you can find it at Muse 101 fX Sudiman and also in more than 30 other muslimah boutiques across Indonesia.

Oh, and on my leisure time, I bake. I love baking cakes!


Email: nurilla.ri@gmail.com


7 thoughts on “About

  1. yud1 says:

    sori, kelupaan update feed di planet csui04. diasumsikan bersedia di-update ke planet csui04, berhubung blog sebelumnya di-feed dan ada pengumuman pindah ke sini…

    …anyway, mohon diinformasikan kalau perlu di-update soal subscription-nya di planet csui04, yah. sekarang ini sih subscribed. thanks, 😉

  2. zamrinadila says:

    hai hai. lg blogwalking trus tiba-tiba nyasar kesini. dan pas baca about-nya merasa ko sama y dibeberapa bagian. jakarta-jogja-parisbooks-makkah-maldives. ehehhe.

  3. arohmanpanji says:

    assalamualaikum bos!
    what a nice blog =D
    minggu pagi pas ngecek blog, ada komen yg pending, eh ternyata, komen dari temen SMA yg dua tahun2 berturut absennya berada sebelum gw, hahaha…

    *keep blogging bos n nanya, “ente udah nikah yak? koq postingannya ada yg ttg kehamilan gt? (salam1-6.2-6.14. keren =)

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